Bella Napoli Hosteria

Malecón Julio Izurieta, Barrio 17 de Agosto

Bella Napoli Hosteria

  • La Hostería Bella Napoli se encuentra en Puerto López, a sólo 100 metros de la orilla del mar, es un lugar tranquilo y acogedor para descansar-
    Las habitaciones de la Bella Napoli son luminosas, tienen suelo de baldosa, baño privado agua caliente, ventanales y ventilador, con conexión Wi-Fi gratuita y TV de pantalla plana Además, ofrecen vistas a la ciudad.
    El restaurante ofrece comida italiana y ecuatoriana donde los huespedes podran degustar de desayunos  y cena deliciosas.
    Ofrecen tour a las isla de la plata y al parque nacional machalilla.

Agua Blanca

Visible at surface level at the Agua Blanca site are traces of the various Manteño architectural complexes built using stone foundations. Furthermore, adding to the site’s significance is the fact that it still contains many fragments of the Manteño Culture’s stone seats. These seats – once the primary symbol of status in Manteño society – are built around certain architectural structures. The aforementioned stone seats of the Machalilla Culture have been studied by various researchers over the years, leading to both serious and speculative interpretations. In addition, some seats were removed from their original locations by local landowners, who then shipped many of the artifacts abroad.

Humpback Whales

Humpbacks are also convenient for ecotourism because they prefer staying in shallow water and most of the time they rest within visual range from a shore. So sailing for whale watching does not require much time.
In addition, humpback whales are rather tolerant to disturbance caused by the presence of humans. They often accompany ships and do not worry even when small boats and motor boats go around them. Only young whales are worried by the ships and they try to keep off even small boats.
Humpback whales are easily distinguished from other species of whales. Naturalist guides on travel boats quickly identify them by specific...

Isla de la Plata

Visits to Isla de la Plata are carried out solely along specially marked routes. The journey takes around three hours.
  • Blue-footed boobies: At this time of year, blue-footed boobies come to the island to mate and build their nests. It is easy to tell the males and females apart. The females’ plumage is dappled beige and black while the males’ have bright white feathers. You can tell their age from the blue colour of their feet – it is bright in the young and lightens with age. To attract the females’ attention, the males vibrate their necks, spread their wings and begin to dance on alternate feet. The females respond to...