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General Cordova y Juan Montalvo

Naturis  CIA Ltda. Tours Agencia


    Somos una operadora que impulsamos el Turismo comunitario en comunidades que se encuentran dentro y fuera del Parque Nacional Machalillla, y realizamos tours o paseos en todo el Cantón Puerto López.
    Nuestros servicios son entregados en primera persona, por personas guardianas y orgullosas del medio ambiente donde viven y conservan para que ud pueda disfrutar de su flora y fauna  en estado natural.
    Disfrute junto a su familia, momentos para recrearse relajarse y disfrutarlas a través de nuestros servicios.
    Le organizamos el plan de Viaje,  o si no, aquí tiene las sugerencias para su visita a los principales atractivos.
    Para su comodidad le ofrecemos transporte desde los principales aeropuertos desde Manta, Portoviejo, Guayaquil o Salinas.
An average age of a humpback whale is 35 years; the oldest ever caught male was 48 years old, the female — 38 years. A humpback whale is distinctive with its very long pectoral fins, which reach 5 meters length each. No other species of whales has such a long fins. There are 25-30 deep broad bands on a belly of the humpback whale that are a distinctive feature of this species. It was called a humpback whale for its low and thick dorsal hump-like fin. A usual color of the whale back and sides is black or dark brown. The fins can also be either black or mottle and in exceptional... 
Agua Blanca is located 10 minutes by car heading north from Puerto López, on the right side of the highway to Machalilla. Lying next to the Buena Vista River is a complex of templesplazas and dwellings left by the Manteño Culture, a civilization which reached the peak of its development more than 1,500 years ago in this area. For the interested tourist, this site has to offer an archaeological museumfunerary urns and the local customs practiced in the town of Agua Blanca, as well as nearby natural ecotourism attractions, such as sulfur springs...
The Bola de Oro Trail, a gorgeous tourist spot, is a path within the upper part of the beautiful rain forest in the Machalilla National Park. This touristic trail is part of the Rio Blanco precinct in the community of El Pital. Rivers and waterfalls of crystal clear water, lush and diverse vegetation from dry forests to rain forests with characteristics similar to the Amazon jungle, and diversity of plant and animal species where. A group of outgoing young guides show off a much desired trail, via foot or on horseback, to get into the thick of the jungle to see the diversity of...